Good Candle Suppliers

Good candle suppliers always know how to produce good quality candle.Let’s see what ML Candle said about how to make a good candle:

“Good material and good candle making machine are necessary.”

As far as we know, paraffin wax is the main raw materials of candle making, and secondary raw materials is stearic acid, micro materials of beeswax, essential oils, pigments, metal salts.Both of them are very important to the quality of candle.

“Production process is also veryimportant.”

Actually, production process decide the quality and product feature of candle. For example,

  • Common candle-wick is containing impurities and will bring smoke.To produce smoke-free and light candles, the white bleached cotton candle-wick is necessary.
  • To make no tears, no dust, resistant to combustion candle, the candle-wick also plays a very important role.We should put it into chemical raw material soaked in a fixed time.

“It’s all useless without rigorous testing!”

To protect the candle’s quality, supplier should have a high standard inspection, here is the inspection details of ML candle:

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