A scented candle can be placed in every corner of the House, as new members adorn home decoration.


However, if you use it in the bathroom, take note of the following:

1.Choose good quality essential oil candles

You can chosse it refering to the origin, extraction of component, brand,and the aromas.In any case, it must be suitable for your own feelings.


Though scented candle can relax your body and bring lots of benefits, do not use it in the confined space.If the air does not flow and stay in the turbidity air for a long time, not only unable to produce the right results, may also make the physical discomfort and counterproductive.

3.Do not take too long

Generally, 20 to 40 minutes is the right time to enjoy.Other side, some elongated candle will begin to change shape when it is more than two hours.

4.Choose your way

For example, some people find just one scented candle is enough to make a room full of incense, and some others like seven or eight candle style — there are no special restrictions.