Aromatic candles in aromatherapy is playing an important role.As a beautiful light source & heat source, it can create a beautiful atmosphere in a romantic night and bring a relaxed comfort when you in the bath.

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But most candles are not 100% natural even though the label notes “Aromatherapy”. You are actually inhaling toxins when burning candles containing compounding ingredients or mixed with toxic compounds — though it smells good.

It is so hard to find real aromatherapy candles if you don’t have much experience. Here are the tips you should know,

1.Common candles are made from paraffin wax — the by-product of oil production,not natural. It will bring lots of harmful substances when burning. So natural waxes are the best choices such as Soy wax , Beeswax and other vegetable wax.

2.You need essential oil — not fragrance oil.You need to choose carefully because most of the aromatic candles on the market are made of synthetic fragrance oils.

3.Read the label carefully. Good scented candles usually show “Made With 100% Natural Ingredients”, “Contains No SyntheticIngredients”, “Fragranced Exclusively With Essential Oils”, “Contains No Fragrance Oils” and  “Paraffin Wax Free”.

Other side, you can also consider choose a essential oil diffuser. ?