Cleaning ears with candle ?

Ear cleaning candle seems cool and you can easily find the ways to use it on Internet. But is that true we can clean ear (or eliminate toxins)  by using these  special candles?

The truth of ear cleaning candle

  • As using ear cleaning candle can’t bring any vacuum suction, we can’t clean ear at all.
  • Melted wax will bring huge damage when dripping into ears. This accident leads to fester and deafness.
  • You feel good after cleaning ears with candle, it’s because you had a rest – no business with “eliminate toxins”.

The accidents caused by ear cleaning candle

  • A Canadian woman dunk ears by water after diving earache and went to a ear candle therapist for treatment. In the process of treatment, she felt hot pain and were sent to hospital. Doctors found unable to remove the wax on the eardrum, and tympanic membrane has been burning out of a hole.
  • On January 27, 2005, Alaska, a 59 year old woman use ear candle treatment on the bed, the results accidentally dropped a candle, and burning the sheets, etc. The fire caused her asthma attacks, died in the hospital.
  • On July 14, 2009, China, the citizens of Mr. Wang went to a ear candle therapist. The therapist accidentally put candles wax drip into his ear and this accident leaded Wang to deafness.